TYC Yacht Club

Safety on the Water

NSRI Station25 Hartbeespoort Dam

TYC is fortunate to have an NSRI Station on the premises with 14 Volunteers.

Emergency Number: 082 990-5961

Michael Saunders, NSRI Station 25 Commander.

Cell: 083 777 8027.

Station 25, Hartbeespoort Dam.
e-mail: station25@searescue.org.za
Web site www.searescue.org.za



For the full version of these rules please see the rules and regulations framed under The National Small Vessel Safety rules (SAMSA Marine notice 13 of 2007), Ordinance 12/83 of the Transvaal Provincial Administration (Nature Conservation Ordinance) – Hartebeespoort Dam and the Department of Water Affairs on Hartbeespoort Dam.

The use of any boat shall be at the user’s own risk

  • The driver of any boat is responsible for the safety and conduct of his passengers.

  • All boats must display the vessel’s registration number on the hull. (Where applicacable)

  • Harbours and areas where boats are moored are NO WAKE ZONES.

  • The safety area in front of every club is a “safety” area. Boats may only enter or leave this area in an anti-clockwise direction or through the Channel between the South and North moored boats. Boats shall travel slowly in the safety areas, i.e. the boat may not plane. No person may ski in the safety area.

  • No boat shall exceed the safe speed limit for that type of boat.

  • No boat shall be driven in a reckless or irresponsible manner.

  • No person under the age of 16 may be in control of a motor boat.

  • All skippers of motorboats with more than 15 HP must be in possession of a Certificate of Competency (COC) {skipper’s ticket}.

  • All skippers of yachts more than 9 meters must be in possession of a Certificate of Competency (COC) {skipper’s ticket}.

  • All powerboats with more than 15HP are to be in possession of a certificate of fitness and a buoyancy certificate.

  • All yachts of more than 9m must be in possession of a certificate of fitness.

  • ALL CRAFT are to have the required Category R safety equipment on board and such equipment must be marked with the craft’s registration number.

  • Skippers of ALL CRAFT to sign out in the boat register at the Galley / jetty/slipway of the club prior to going on the water. All skippers shall sign in once they have returned to the shore

  • ALL CRAFT must have flotation built in to the boat.

  • There must be a life jacket for each person on board a boat when the boat is in use.

  • All boats must have an efficient water pump or bailer.

  • All boats with one engine shall be equipped with oars or paddle.

  • No boat may transport more persons than the maximum allowed on the boat permit.

  • No person shall be in control of a boat while under the influence of alcohol or any form of narcotics.

  • No person may navigate a motorboat nearer than 50 metres from the shore or moored boats, except when leaving from or returning to the shore.

  • A motorboat yields the right of way to any other boat, but a canoe and a rowing boat yields the right of way to a sailing boat (All boat skippers must make every effort to avoid a collision).

  • Powerboats must pass each other port to port.

  • No persons shall overtake or navigate in such a way that his slipstream endangers any other boat.

  • Boats must be overtaken on the port (left) side only.

  • Boats towing a skier shall have an observer on board or an efficient rear view mirror.

  • Boats towing a skier may only turn anti-clockwise when turning about.

  • Steel or wire ropes may not be used for skiing.

  • The driver of a boat towing a skier must display a 500mm by 500mm red flag when his skier is in the water.

  • All skiers shall wear life jackets when skiing.

  • No person shall pollute the water in the dam in any manner whatsoever.

  • Boats may only be launched at a recognized launching site.

  • Boats may only be used at places set aside for boating on the dam.

  • No person may occupy a position on a boat, which is dangerous for himself or any other person while the boat is in motion.

  • No person may leave a boat while it is motion.

  • No boating is allowed between the times half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise the next day (Without special permission).

  • All boats, which are not moored, must be manned.

  • All motorboats must be fitted with efficient silencers.

  • No airscrew boats without the necessary permits are allowed.

  • Boats may not be navigated through floating barriers.

  • Boats leaving or approaching a launching place shall move anti-clockwise with the shore.

  • No person without the necessary permit may let a boat or convey persons for a reward.

  • No person without the necessary permit may glide in the air above the water.

  • No person shall disturb any plant, bird or animal life.

  • It is an offence to contravene these rules. – An official may instruct a person not complying with these rules to remove his boat from the water or may remove it himself.

  • Obstructing, hindering or interfering with an official in the performance of his duty is an offence.

The following rules are accepted by all clubs and developments (hereinafter referred to as clubs) on the dam.

  • An official on duty at any club has the authority to reprimand or order a boat off the water should any of the rules set out herein not be adhered to.

  • Clubs may make their own additional local rules, provided those rules do not contradict the rules contained herein.

  • The rules also provide for special circumstances such as competitions. The unabridged rules give the details.