The Boat Yard

Boats for sale

Should members wish to sell and advertise their boats this can be arranged through the Club Manager!

Maintenance Contractor Rules

Boat Repairers Policy
As requested by members at the meeting the amendments to the Boat Repairers
policy regarding security and access control were added to by requiring recognised

  • To be in possession of a general and public liability insurance cover to cover their workers and other associated persons on TYC premises
  • To limit the number of workers working on the premises to two
  • To provide a copy of identity documents for all workers on the premises
  • To provide a copy of a letter of good standing with the Compensation Commission confirming that the contractors employees are registered for workman’s compensation
  • To supervise their workers on the premises at all times. The policy made allowance for a known supervisor to provide this supervision
  • To provide the club manager with a work schedule in advance for the coming week



As per various requests from members, please take note of the following updates in regards to the camping fees.

  • The fees for camping at T.Y.C. have been reduced for paid up club members to R50.00 per tent, trailer or caravan per night.
  • The camping fee for guests of paid up members will be R180.00 per night.


Payments are to be made to the Club Manager on arrival in advance.
Trusting the above is in order.


Please be aware of the following Ferry times:

Monday   –  No Ferry
Tuesday  –  Thursday – 08h00 to 16h00
Friday      –  08h00 to 15h00

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday – 08h00 to 18h00 (Summer) – 08h00 to 17h00 (Winter)
Should the ferry be required on a Friday later than 15h00 hours for a special group event, the manager must be advised no later than the preceding Wednesday to arrange this.

A T.Y.C. dinghy is available at all times when the ferry is not operation for member’s use.


We would like to clarify the following:

As per the Club’s By-Laws, please note that no instructions/requests are to be given to T.Y.C. staff either by telephone or directly, regarding any work to be done in working hours or outside working hours.

Please direct your requests via the Club Manager or in his possible absence a flag officer.

Members who leave motors in the safety or the motor room are requested to take their motor to the boat via the ferry. If on their mooring, alternatively sail the boat on to the jetty to fit the motor.

Please do not take the ferry and staff time to tow your boat to the jetty for the purpose of fitting the motor. Boats should only be towed in an absolute emergency situation.