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J22 Mpumalanga Provincials / Nationals



13 entries and yet another awesome regatta at Witbank Yacht Club for the J22 Mpumalanga Provincials. Saturday got off to a busy start for all the boats, some only arriving that morning and others having a slow start after the previous late night. The wind was no enticement to get out there with a 3-5knots that was switchy and unreliable.  After 2 races, one being abandoned, and the promise of good winds on Sunday the fleet headed for shore.

Sunday:                Although racing was scheduled to start at 0900 and there was no lack of wind the Race Officer saw the difficulty boats had getting off the jetty and delayed the first race to 09.15. Then the fun began! The Committee boat assured all sailors that the wind speed was 15-16 with gusts of max 22.2, some of us didn’t believe it. With races of 35-40 minutes skippers and crew has little time to take a breath. Some breakages, Hot Salsa being the biggest casualty as it was not an easy fix and missed the remaining days sailing, spectacular broaches, spinnakers flying where they wanted and Hay J having only  a starboard clew with a few strands of cloth to prove they did leave the jetty with a spinnaker. Sun glasses, hats and one crew member landed in what luckily was warm, clean dam water. After 3 races and the “breeze” (perhaps) increasing everyone went ashore on signals of the Race Officer. Oh! yes the signal did happen and out they went again but only a fleet of 5 braved the challenge. The leading boats made an amazing sight with spinnakers up powering through the water and then there were those who took the easier option, one leg with a spinnaker and then down it came. Hey! a 5th is a 5th!! On shore “referees” had an abundance of advice and comments to the brave 5.

Monday:              An easterly breeze of 6-8 knots at the start of the first race with a U flag flying. 3 boats were over so realised they were in for a long wait until they would race again. Race was completed with a back to back flag flying. Luck was on their side as the race was abandoned with no wind. So what do you do with no wind and a beautiful summer afternoon to enjoy?  The generosity of the offer of the Party Boat and 2 speed boats saw competitors heading off to the Sand Bar up the river. Fun was had by all with even the most unexpected taking their turn to jump from the (rather high in my opinion) diving board. A hearty club dinner and an early night for most.

Tuesday:              The Race Officer was going to do his best to complete 2 more races with a promising breeze from the south. The first start at 09.30 was an Olympic course but unfortunately with only the triangle being completed had to be shortened. No more wind in sight so the boats were pulled, very efficiently by the shore crew, in time for Prize Giving. Thanks for trying Ron.


Red G Us ‘n J sailed an amazing regatta with 7 1st places and 2 2nd places. They were uncatchable, Congratulations on a great result to Graham, Sean and Barry

The local team, Laugh a Minute, gave a good challenge but despite being 13 points ahead of 3rd place they couldn’t catch Red G and took 2nd Place

Andiamo had their challenges but were well ahead of the fleet to claim a solid 3rd Place


Well organised, great food, friendly, helpful members all contributed to a fun regatta, good sailing and a reason to return in 2018 to do it all again.


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J22 Nationals 2017


Well I am sure after a short week and the weekend all the competitors and helpers have recovered from what was an awesome Nationals at LDYC.

30 Skippers and crew from all over South Africa, some new to the class, others experts at what they do and all the others in-between experienced some amazing sailing. A special thanks to Ingrid who kept everyone else in the loop with updates and  pictures while we were on the water. For the full story see next month’s Sailing magazine.

The wind undoubtable could have been a “tad” stronger and the Racer Officer, Dave Rushton, would have found things far easier  if it had been steady! Dave and Crew’s additional challenge was a very competitive and enthusiastic fleet on the start line. His U flag and Black flag made a regular appearance over the 11 races in an attempt to get the show on the road and control the fleet. There were casualties, who unfortunately, ended up watching the race from afar. The results show how close the racing was, how things were turned upside down with just one race’s results and how any of the top J’s were in with a chance. There can be no doubt that the J22 is the most exciting  fleet to be part of!!

Off the water was just as enjoyable with LDYC making their wonderful facilities open to all, organising the on water requirements, catering and “liquid” refreshments over the regatta period. Many thanks to all those that helped over the regatta.

LDYC offered, as did other clubs, that TYC boats remain at the Vaal until the water is cleared at Hartbeespoort.  Watch for additional sailing for J’s over the next few months.


Please will those who took Regalia do your eft so that we can wrap the Nationals as soon as possible. If you have “misplaced” your invoice drop me an email and I will send the amount.


The next regatta to schedule in your diary is August at the Vaal so use the next few weeks to do the repairs and TLC to your J22 before some more great racing.

Looking  forward to seeing you on the water.

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J22 Nationals 2016

Hi! All


What a fantastic 2016 J22 Nationals regatta at WYAC!!

4 days of challenging winds for the race officer Dave Rushton and his team of Bridge crew, Mark layers and NSRI. Mornings with delayed starts because of no wind when later in the day 5 hectic races in strong and gusty winds. Ultimately 15 races completed with the usual closely contested race honours. The black flag made its appearance, this has become an expected occurrence with the J fleet. Unfortunately just 1 J extended the boundaries just a tad too much and spent the remainder of the race enjoying the Witbank dam scenery! 3 races saw J’s tie for a position, in the words of the Race Officer very unusual.

Witbank regatta’s always have to have at least one cold day when beanies are sold at a premium. Saturday evening the cold front arrived giving those tenting a disturbed night and awaking to a misty 6 degrees. The wind had abated so racing  was yet again delayed but the last 3 races to complete the maximum of 15 were completed by 15.00

A delicious sit down Prize Giving dinner followed that evening where the hospitality of WYAC was at its best.


Thanks to all who worked so hard to ensure a successful event and URIAGE who donated each competitor a goody bag of superb high protection suntan lotion and  thermal rehydration water. With the hours competitors spent in the elements over 4 days both products were the perfect  protection. Many thanks URIAGE!


For more info on the regatta and pictures see the next issue of the Sailing Magazine.


Don’t forget the VCA Junior Regatta 14th / 15th May  See attached.


The next big events are MSC in Durban in July and Northern Region Keelboat Regatta in August.

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AMTEC Mphumlanga Provincials

Hi! All

Well as promised the AMTEC Mphumlanga Provincials is one you should have been at!!! 10 great races, amazing hospitality as always and 3 days that will be long remembered.

Some were lucky enough to travel on Friday to Witbank to set up their boats, the down side, the very late night they ended up having accompanied with liquid refreshments. Early Saturday the last boats arrived and by  12.00 the first race was underway in 5k that steadily built to 7.5k from S / SW. From then on things only got better with the wind strength building to 18.5k and each race on average 40 / 45 minutes. Racing was close and any bad tactical decision had an enormous impact on the final result of each race. Graham, Shaun and Barry on Red G sailed like champions and only lost one first to Jabberwock in the six races sailed on Saturday. The delicious dinner served that evening with ice cold refreshments was welcomed by weary, sore competitors.

An early morning Skippers briefing on Sunday took the unanimous decision to extend the maximum races to 12 and not 10 as per the sailing instructions. The wind gods were good and by 11.20 the first race started  in 7.8k building to 12k. The unusual situation in the J fleet of only one recall  proved to be the making of DJ who returned to the start line took, a port tack and then rounded the windward mark first. And that was where they finished, 1st  Great sailing Dominic!

The Bridge crew, under Ron Gurnell, ran slick races with well laid courses so by early afternoon 10 races had been completed. It was decided some R&R for the tired sailors was in order. With the Witbank barge loaded with refreshments and people + 4 J’s with motors + Witbank motor boats as backup we set off down the gorge to Steve’s pub. An awesome way to finish a hard 2 days sailing. Thanks to all those that made it happen.

A hearty dinner and Josie entertaining us in the pub completed the perfect day.

Early morning Monday wind did not look encouraging so the decision was taken to have prize giving at 11.00 and let the travelling boats head off home. Within the hour the boats were out and then the wind on cue arrived! The final results

1st           Red G                              Graham Baker, Shaun Gurnell and Barry Gurnell

2nd          Laugh a Minute                Dave Martinson and Alex Garoufalias

3rd           DJ                                    Dominic Van Der Walt, Megan Van Der Walt and Deon Van Der Walt

All the results will be posted. In defence of Davidoff’s 4 DNC  on Sunday, David experienced a redistribution of his wealth in Hartbeespoort and dashed home!  The girls felt it prudent to stick to the rules and became spectators (very frustrating)


Thank you AMTEC and Witbank for another wonderful regatta and looking forward to seeing you in 2016. Watch this space!


June 2015

It’s the frost bite season, with sailing closed for the winter, silverware is handed out, this year the focus being on Junior Sailing with certificates and Trophies handed out for their achievements.Read more


J22 Youth Interclub Hartbeespoort Dam.
(By Anthony Money)
J22 Youth Interclub Regatta 14 -16 June 2014
The J22 Youth interclub regatta was started at TYC by the late Bernard Funke, 14
Years ago, and has SAS Youth National Status, not only is it a fun event, but it gives
youth teams from various clubs, nationally, the opportunity to compete in one of the
World’s biggest international keelboat classes.Read more


2016 Interclub Youth Championships – Results

I would like to thank all of you for taking the trouble to enter teams in this event and hope to see teams from your clubs again next year.

I hope that the youngsters enjoyed themselves.

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