TYC Yacht Club

Commodore’s Communique (Jul20)

Commodore's Communique

Hi Everyone

It has been a while since I wrote a letter to you all.

We managed to get over the Hyacinth Infestation and then we were hit with this Covid-19 Pandemic.

We have been locked down since the end of March 2020, Staff returned to work on 1 June 2020 and have been hard at work keeping TYC tidy and maintained. Fortunately all boats and moorings are safe and we have had no incidents.

Since the country lowered to Level 3 of Lockdown, SA Sailing has submitted plans to Department of Sport for us to return to sailing. On Tuesday 7 July 2020 SA Sailing received confirmation that sailing can resume but this can only be done under strict COVID requirements. See attached letter from Department of Sports.

TYC received our Commencement Certificate and as such we can allow members to come sail under the following conditions:

  1. As a SA Sailing member you will need to get a Professional Athlete Certificate. To do this please follow the below steps:
    1. Check your membership status by using the SA Sailing ID Checker https://sailing.org.za/member-finder/
      1. If your membership status is INACTIVE you need to reactivate it by clicking below.
      2. RENEW/REGISTER my SA Sailing membership. https://www.sailing.org.za/registration/ and register.
      3. If your membership status is ACTIVE but your log in is not working you may be using the old log in details from old mySASID system.
      4. Click on Forgot login details and type your email address in the space provided and click on submit to receive your login details via email. Please check your spam folder for the email.
      5. https://www.sailing.org.za/password/forgot/
    2. Once you have registered and updated all your information then please follow the next link to get SA Sailing Athlete Status Confirmation https://www.sailing.org.za/events/68683/ and register.
  2. Fred Supple is our Covid-19 Compliance Officer, If you need any information please contact him on 082 675 6318 / 012 253 1108
  3. The only facilities that will be available are:
      1. Car Park
      2. Toilets
      3. Ferry
      4. Slipways
      5. Tractor and Launching Crane (TO BE OPERATED ONLY BY STAFF)
      6. Club House, Lounge, Bar, Dining Hall, Canteen, Kitchens, Lapa, Braai Areas,
      7. Swimming Pool and Change Rooms will all be closed
      8. Rooms Closed and NO caravans or camping allowed
      9. Please limit contact with surfaces around the club premises unless absolutely necessary
  4. Please arrive ready to sail and leave immediately after your sail no hanging around to eat or socialise is permitted
  5. You need to ensure you wear a mask/buff at all times
  6. Social distancing of 2 m must be observed
  7. Please note members that fall in the vulnerable group are discouraged from visiting the club but should you wish to train it is at your own risk and extra precautions should be observed.
  8. Report to the Screening Station, present your Professional Athlete Certificate, sanitise hands, complete and sign the register, take and record temperature, sanitise hands again. If all OK you will be allowed to proceed further. If any symptoms are presented please GO HOME again and isolate yourself. If you were dropped off and are unable to leave immediately you will be isolated in Room 6 until you can be collected
  9. Hand sanitizer is available in the toilets please sanitise regularly
  10. If you are going to your mooring only 2 people plus the skipper are allowed on the ferry at a time
  11. Please check with the requirements for cross border travel before coming to the
  12. For the safety of our staff we have adjusted there working hours:
      1. Mondays off
      2. Tuesday to Thursday 09h00 to 15h30
      3. Friday 09h00 to 15h00
      4. Saturday and Sunday 09h00 to 15h30



 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Terry Paterson for getting the tractor sorted out. The engine has been redone and the tractor has received a new paint job too. Looking very sparkly now.

I would also like to make a plea that members please pay their outstanding fees. I do understand that times are tough for everyone; the club also has its financial commitments through until the end of February 2021. Due to lockdown we are unable to supplement our finances with Bar, Rooms, Guest income.


Yours in Sailing

Ralph Paterson