TYC Yacht Club


We offer a range of membership options to suit your needs. Set out below are the various fees applicable to the different Membership classes and services offered. These fees are applicable for the year March 2021 to February 2022:

Entrance fee (once-off)
Member – R 3,200

Sailing Membership Fees (pa) 

Ordinary Member – R 5 400.00

Family Membership – R 6 500.00

Country Member – R 1 159.00

Student (Tertiary) Member – R1 290.00

Youth Member (19-25yrs) – R2550.00

Social Associate Fees:

(Access to all on shore club facilities – No boating) 

Single Associate – R2000pa or R200pm 

Couple Associates – R3000pa or R300pm 

Sailing Services:

Services (mooring, crane, etc) R 3,200.00 pa

Dry Sailing R 3,600.00 pa

Small Boat Parking – R820 pa

Annual Mooring Inspection R 440.00 pa


Berthing/Lockers  R 815.00 pa


Self-contained Flat R 500, 00 per night

Fliton Rooms

Members R 180, 00 per room per night

Guests R 240, 00 per room per night

Caravans, Camping and Tents

Members R 50,00 per site per night

Guests R 240, 00 per site per night